National Catch and Release Day

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one for the fishes…

National Catch and Release Day is a day of no judgement for every angler, regardless of his or her fishing practices or habits, and also a day to promote and celebrate the practice of Catch and Release fishing.

Catch and Release fishing is the practice within recreational fishing communities intended as a technique of fisheries conservation. Upon being caught, fish are unhooked and returned to the water. Often, a fast measurement, photograph, and weighing of the fish is performed before the fish is released, unharmed. Using barbless hooks, it is often possible to release the fish without removing it from the water.

Celebrate National Catch and Release Day by practicing catch and release methods. Share your photos and videos of fish being released to be caught again someday by using the hashtag “#nationalcatchandreleaseday” on social media.

National Catch and Release Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in April.

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Thank you, and tight lines!